It's exciting times...! 

If you have your finger on the puse you may have seen us around - we've been crazily stirring up a furore whilst being in amongst those of South Yorkshire in trying to promote happier and healthier lifestyles. As such we've teamed up with a few community leaders who's inspiration has been second to none. More importantly we've been working on ways to make people smile whilst at the heart of everything, keeping them healthy, engaged and smiling! Let's face it... who's not going to be entertained when you get to throw yourself into some of these wonderful activities.


To add to our flavour, we've recently teamed up with Fun Me Fit - is a network that creates and strengthens relationships between businesses, organisations, individuals and the community through the promotion of physical activities. As such, we have so much planned and in store... stay tuned!

Keep you eyes peeled for as we've lots in the works - from the famous Bubble football to all out world domination!

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Thunder-Ballz team x