IT's HERE!!!!

We' re proud to announce one of our greatest achievements - The WORLDS FIRST (and of course best goes without saying) Bubble football league. We have worked hard to bring you the most excessively fun and adrenaline pumping sport to league level. Most importantly, at affordable rates and at competition stakes! As the UK's premier supplier of Bubble Football equipment - we wanted to ensure that the sport wasn't sidelined to a special occasions. After all, it's not ever week that you're lucky enough to attend nor afford a stag do or a special birthday. Even if you were, the one thing it's neglecting is the very competitive nature that you are part of a winning team!

Our hard work has paid off and we have now established "The League!". Registering confirms your commitment... Work on tactics, strategy, and technique to win your way to the top. By committing, you will be able to have access to full fixtures listings online. From there you are able to register your players and game by game you can see Goal Difference, Top Scorers and be able to close the gap between rivals.

We believe here at that this is how the Sport was meant to be played! Bubble football is intrinsically fun yet at the same time the aim of the game is to win. Enter the gladiatorial arena and prove that you have what it takes.

Bring it to the pitch - register NOW!!!!

See you there...


Thunderballz Team xx