Youtube user Shreyas Rao uploaded a video in which a young woman unashamedly berates a man for attempting to touch her inappropriately through the gaps in her seat, repeatedly, on a flight to Bhubaneswar, India.

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Speaking in Hinglish, she was recorded saying the following:

Girl: “You’re asking for forgiveness. Why? Because I’m a girl? And you have the right to touch me any time, anywhere you want to?”

Man: “I’m asking for forgiveness.”

Girl: “What forgiveness are you asking for? Did you do it only once? Was it by mistake? Look at how old you are. Old moron. Half way into your grave and still not wise enough. Say more? Say more, come on. I’m videotaping you, mister! If you ever do this again, you’ll remember this episode. You think us girls stay silent and you can do anything, right? Look here. Why are you so bashful now? I will call security. I’ll make sure I make a complaint.”

Man: “I’m sorry about it. Please, stop it.”

Girl: “Why? Why, please? I’m sorry, please. I’m sorry that I’m a girl! Please, forgive me, for I dare to travel alone as a woman. I’m so sorry for that! I will not leave you. Don’t think [sic].”

Man: [unintelligible]

Girl: “Yes, I have purposefully done that. You thought you could do it again, right? You were touching me here again the second time. You thought I didn’t know what was going on and I would stay quiet, right? Only us girls are expected to have shame. You have a right to be shameless.”

A second video was then uploaded, showing the man again but this time inside the airport, with the highlight being when the strong-willed woman says “You decided the action; I will decide the reaction.”

What do you think? Was she too harsh?

H/T: BuzzFeed

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