A Reddit user in Tennessee, known by his username of Evilenglish, made a discovery that most of us only dream about. While cleaning his grandparents’ house he uncovered a safe buried in the floor of a closet.

The challenge was to get it open. Evilenglish tried multiple possible combinations, such as birthdays and social security numbers, but none worked. He eventually tracked down a locksmith who could help.



The closet, where all good buried treasure stories start.



 Inside the closet was pretty innocuous. The rug was filthy, and it was this dirty rug that actually set the events in motion.



 And then there was this…



Below the cap was the opening of a safe that seemed long forgotten. The next task became figuring out how to open it.



 Tim, the locksmith, came to the rescue after numerous failed attempts at unlocking the safe. 



 Boom. Finally they were in.



 Drum roll please.


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