That’s right, you read it correctly, Welsh sheep have been getting high and killing themselves. It’s all down to a poisonous plant which makes sheep behave like ‘heroin addicts.’ The plant turns the sheep suicidal by causing them to bash their own skulls open on nearby rocks.

The darling pea is a highly addictive plant which is killing the farm animals across the region. Onlookers have said the sheep appear to be acting drunk and out of control – with their death eventually a consequence.

Local veterinarian Bob McKinnon said: “They lose weight to start with and then get staggery, the progression gets worse, they get uncoordinated and depressed, they don’t know where their feet are.”

He also said they displayed symptoms of ‘staring eyes’, ‘head pressing’ and ‘muscle tremors’ until they eventually ‘just go to a post and bang their head on it till they crack their heads open’.

He added: “It’s like dealing with a thousand heroin addicts.”


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