What in the name of…how could he?

Oh, wait. It’s fake, as in Hollywood levels of fake.

Basketball fans got a tasty treat at a game between the LA Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans yesterday when ‘Anchorman’ star Will Ferrell floored a cheerleader with a vicious blow, right on centre-court.

It was all part of filming for a new movie, ‘Daddy’s Home’, featuring Ferrell and his ‘The Other Guys’ co-star Mark Wahlberg.

Ferrell can be seen lining up to take a centre-court shot at half-time, but “accidentally” nails a cheerleader right in the face with the ball.

He was then “escorted” off the premises by other actors.


The plot is said to be about a mild-mannered radio executive who wants to be the best step-dad for the children of his new wife. That’s something for us to look forwards to.

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