Drop Test

It may bend in your pocket but it’s not afraid of heights. An iPhone 6 has survived what must be classed as the ultimate drop test after being sent 100,000ft (30,480 metres) to the edge of space and then spiraling back down to earth with a mere thud.

The incredible video below shows the device soaring into the stratosphere while attached to a weather balloon, and being exposed to 70mph (112kph) winds and temperatures of below -56°C (-70°F).

The rig carrying the phone then goes hurtling back towards earth, crashing to the ground and demonstrating that the case is proper hard. 

Steve Armstrong, the co-founder of Urban Armor Gear, was quoted as saying ‘Our cases already meet military drop-test standards, but now we can officially say that they are space tested as well.’

The phone did shut down during the flight due to extreme temperatures, but it was fully functional after the test even though it never had a screen protector.

Watch the video below. We have been looking for telltale signs that it is a Nokia in disguise, but are yet to see any.

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