Spiders are creepy, but they are small little things in the grand scale of things. It’s because of this that they have evolved a range of predatory behaviours that, at the same time, allow them to evade the threat of predation. So, what do they do? They pretend to be ants!

More than 300 species of spiders are known to mimic the outward appearance of ants, something which scientists call myrmecomorphy.As they are aggressively territorial ants are avoided by many predators, which makes them a great choice to copy.

Spiders have lots of similarities to ants, including body shape that enables them to create a “false waist” and movement patterns which can make them appear to be an ant.


There are two reasons why a spider would want to mimic an ant: to eat them, and to avoid being eaten by them.

So, now you have to be wary of ants as well as spiders. Sorry about that.

Here is one in action:


Go on then, take a closer look!

H/T: The Conversation

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