This week’s top 5.

Burn Energy: Ignacio Morata – Home

‘Home’ follows burn unit Ignacio ‘Nachete’ Morata as he spins the tale of how he came to be the skater he is today while riding the backstreets of his hometown of San Fernando in Southern Spain. It’s a place more famous for flamenco and paella than rails and ramps, yet it spawned our Nacho, who proves his status in the film as one of Europe’s most tech yet unbelievably laid back skaters. Shot and directed by Jesus Gomez, the film packs some of Nacho’s best skating – a neat sack of tricks, served up fresh on a serving of slo-mo and follow cam shots.

Danny Don’t Know

Danny Kass tried his hand at baseball, football, basketball and hockey in this Nike Snowboarding tribute to the iconic Nike Bo Know’s campaign. Snowboarder Magazine editor Pat Bridges makes a cameo and narrates as Danny fails to succeed at just about everything. Luckily, Danny Knows Snowboarding.

Danny Don't Know a Snowboarding video by nikeaction

Halldor wins

Halldor wins a Snowboarding video by Helgasons

Red Bull Upstream Slovenia 2011

On a beautiful sunny Saturday, 12 brave wakeboarders from 5 different nations challenged the white waters of the river Sava in Ljubljana by riding up the stream. The third edition of Red Bull Upstream, which saw its world premiere on the exact same location in 2008, now brought even more action and unforgettable tricks. More than 2,000 spectators witnessed insane sliding on rocks and amazing jumps from the kickers that were built especially for this event. Robert Pokovec (SLO), national hero and the founder of this project who placed 4th in both 2008 and 2009, proved that this is undoubtedly his year. In the finals he went for all-or-nothing and slid over all the rocks on the right bank, completely skipping the kickers – and the crowd went crazy! Being the only rider who dared challenge all the mighty rocks in one run, the jury placed him on the highest spot on the podium without any hesitation. Second place went to Dominik Hernler (AUT) who placed 1st at this year’s Red Bull Upstream in Bratislava, and third place went to Dominik Ghürs (GER) who placed third also at the first edition of Red Bull Upstream in 2008.

Absinthe Twe12ve Tour: Second Stop: Bern

The second stop on the Absinthe Films Twe12ve Tour heads to Bern, Switzerland where the riders party like they’re rockstars…

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