We are not quite sure how to describe this bizarre animal. She has a touch of human about her, a dose of weird, and a whole bundle of cuteness. Found shivering at the side of the road, and captured here grinning with a knowing smile, this one definitely has a story to tell.

She owes her life to a curious passer-by who found her shivering inside her dead mother’s pouch by the roadside in Australia. Fortunately, the man who spotted the dead creature on the highway had the foresight to check inside its pouch for offspring. He discovered this little girl still sucking on her mothers teat.


The man called a local helpline, and she was nursed gently towards safety by being fed a bottle every four hours.

She was named Leah, and for those of you who haven’t guessed, Leah is a baby wombat.

Her carer Kim said “Leah was cold to the touch and weighed only 300 grams when she arrived, she now weighs 650 grams.”She’s very lucky, although she was uninjured she was cold to the touch and I’d say she was only a few hours away from dying.”

Since her rescue Leah has been kicking up a storm online. She’s certainly the first celebrity wombat baby we’ve come across in a while.


H/T: The Mirror

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