The SkyCycle at Okayama Prefecture’s Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park in Japan has the dubious honour of managing to be slow yet terrifying. Those who ride the SkyCycle are basically biking around a raised track, high above the ground. Sounds pretty average, right? If you’re part of the hefty chuck of the population that is afraid of heights then this is anything but average.

Here’s the SkyCycle in all its glory.



The cart is made for two people and is equipped with two sets of pedals so both passengers can control the speed.




This may look like civilised fun.




But it’s just you, gravity and a seatbelt.




And the traffic, don’t go playing bumper cars now.




If you aren’t keen on heights, then these corners will be turning your stomach as well as the cart.




The vegetation is in need of a trim…




Yep, it’s pretty high up.




Just don’t look down.



Here’s a video complete with Japanese commentary. If you have any friends that don’t like heights then the evil in you should definitely let them know of the SkyCyle’s existence.

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