Meet Billy-Tom O’Conner, the mullet-headed guest who appeared on This Morning today. Billy-Tom was on air discussing his penoplasty, basically his penis enlargement surgery.

The odd thing about Billy-Tom is that his package was already a whopping 10 inches, which must surely put almost all men to shame.

But 10 inches of man-meat just wasn’t enough for poor old Billy-Tom, because he stated to Hols and Phil three times in the first ninety seconds that he ‘wanted a monster.’

Now is the time to highlight that there are two types of penoplasty available on the market; one to increase length (which from Dr Roberto Viel’s description sounds terribly painful and not all that effective) and one to increase width (which involves fat that has been liposuctioned from another part of your body being pumped into your penis).

Billy-Tom opted for width. Obviously. Because, you know, his penis was already TEN INCHES LONG.

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