Fired Crop

It seems that their is no end to the ridiculous things that happen in the world at the moment. This time a girl named Cella has been fired before even starting work. It certainly isn’t the kind of achievement you put on your CV.

Here’s the offending tweet.


Unfortunately for Cella, the tweet was seen by her almost-boss and it seems he wasn’t too impressed with her description of the position. Ouch…



Some believed it was some kind of publicity stunt but Robert was adamant that he was the boss and he was firing her.


Even worse, she missed out on free pizza.


Still, it doesn’t seem like she is beating herself up about it. Quite the opposite in fact. She’s probably holding out for that elusive CEO position she craves.


Naturally, Twitter users had their say.


It probably wasn’t the smartest tweet ever sent, but bearing in mind Cella never mentioned the name of the company or the position she was taking up do you think this is a bit harsh? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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