Imagine that you live on the third or fourth floor and you’re sat watching a movie or making dinner when out of nowhere a drone goes flying past. Said drone has a camera on it and it’s circling your neighborhood capturing random footage including a snap of you in your jogging bottoms watching TV.

In many ways this seems far fetched but this is the kind of surveillance technology that frightens many people.  People want to retain their privacy but drones are an increasing threat.

Enter Cyborg Unplug, a Berlin based start that have created a device to ensure that no unwanted wireless surveillance captures data from anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

The product connects to your wireless network and plugs into an outlet in your home. It scans wireless signals coming from different devices, and if it detects a signal from a device you haven’t authorized on your network, it shuts down the video, audio, or other information the device is capturing.

Watch this video to learn more

H/T: The Daily Dot

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