Mark Smithers, 30, has fulfilled his friends dying wish by shedding more than 10 stone. Mark used to weigh 24st, and was so overweight that he once had food thrown at him whilst he stood at a bus stop.

The motivation came from his dying friend Maggie Johnson. Mark promised the cancer sufferer that he would do his best to lose weight because she was worried about him. He reached his target weight after 13 months of a strict diet and new exercise regime.

Mark Said:

‘She was like an auntie to me. I made a promise, and I stick to my promises. I’d tried to lose weight before, but I’d always been a big lad and I just struggled with food.’

‘I’d hate to see food go to waste, so I’d empty the fridge instead of letting stuff go off.’

‘I’d spend all my time playing fantasy computer games and refusing to go outside. The local kids would torture me.’

Mark says that his life has turned around since losing all of the weight. A customer even came into the store and asked if the ‘fat lad’ still worked there. It’s safe to say that term doesn’t apply to him any more. Well done Mark, he’s an inspiration to many.

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