A disgruntled Facebook user left a comment on the Argentina Airlines Facebook page saying: “What gets my attention is the low quality of flight attendants that the company has. Before they were tall, nice, now they only take short fat girls.”

A lesson right there in how to be a douche. 

His statement didn’t go unnoticed and Argentina Airlines’ Facebook page responded, writing that “prejudice doesn’t fly, we leave it on the ground.”

A very classy response. 


The airline then went as far as listing the only requirements they have in place for their flight attendants:

– Older than 18
– Height: For women, between 5’4” and 5’7” -For men, between 5’7” and 6’1”
– Argentine citizen
– High school graduate
– TCP license
– Command of English
– Know how to swim
Argentine social media praised the smooth handling of the situation. This guy summed it up.


“Act quickly+be polite+don’t allow racism= Epic win! Good action from Aerolineas Argentinas!”

A flight attendant who works for the airline even tweeted a selfie with the hashtag #PrejudiceDoesntFly.


Well played Argentina Airlines. 


Image Sources; Facebook, Twitter

H/T: Buzzfeed News

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