The unpopularity of ISIS seems to be one of the few things that most people in the world can agree on. The graphic below illustrates political relations between varying perspectives.  Not a single nation in the world aligns with them.



One of the anti-ISIS forces is the Peshmerga: the Kurdish army. The Kurds are an ethnic group that live in Kurdistan. The majority of the Kurds identify with the religion of Islam, particularly Sunni Islam. It has many women willing to give their lives to stop ISIS.

The Peshmerga has had women in their forces for a long time. This fact that  a Kurdish and overwhelmingly Muslim army has been equipping women to kill in the name of their families may surprise some. One of the common themes within the media is that Islam unilaterally oppresses women. 

This army shows us another side to the story. Here are some of the brave woman we are talking about.

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