First it was that dress and now it’s lipstick and nails. Someone in ladies fashion has hit upon a marketing dream. The 2 images above are exactly the same, except this time it is much easier to explain away. 

With that dress it all came down to our individual perception of colours, where as with these two images it’s merely a Photoshop trick that depends on the background you view it on. The image is essentially semi-see-through meaning you can change the colours as many times as you want. Phew!

So, if the background is white (like it is on Twitter) the nails appear to be pink, like here. 


But If the background is black (like it is on Twitter when you click on the image), the nails appear to be more of a maroon colour.


This is the image as it appears on Photoshop.


Here it is rainbow…




We can relax, whilst this image has been retweeted a lot and become a trending topic, there is absolutely no room or argument on it!

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