We knew that if scientists kept at it long enough they would deliver us some good news about drinking. Well, here it is, researchers have found that just enough alcohol can boost creativity.

A Danish firm has gone the next step and created a beer specifically to boost creativity – and even a bottle that ensures you drink the perfect amount. Unfortunately, drinking two won’t make you twice as creative, but if those blessed scientists keep on trying we’re sure they will come up with a solution.

Called the Problem Solver, it comes with a scale so you can drink the perfect ‘goldilocks’ amount based on your weight.

University of Illinois professor Jennifer Wiley recently concluded that the average man produces his most creative thinking with an alcohol level of 0.075%. This is known as the creative peak and probably comes just before the next stage of breaking the seal.

The creative peak is considered the ideal state for problem solving, inventing and generally coming up with great ideas.


‘The Problem Solver is a handcrafted Indian Pale Ale brewed to tickle taste buds and brain cells,’ the firm says.

‘It has a refined bitterness with a refreshing finish. 

This video tells us more about how alcohol impacts upon the brain.


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