When somebody is house sitting for you it’s a given that you’d like them to be a normal and trustworthy person.

This house-sitter however left a bizarre note for the home owner on he kitchen table that must have raised questions as to what happened whilst they were away.

The man seemingly had very little to do as he kept watch over the premises, and so decided to compile a strange list of events that had occurred in the homeowners absence.

His ramblings include: ‘Jumped on trampoline, bruised penis.’ And: ‘Neighbour came by, asked for soap – do not trust.’

It gets worse…

‘Saw a weird bird (pelican?) perched on fence. Offered to play backgammon with the bird but could not find game set. A pity!

‘Bird came back later and asked for soap. Suspect conspiracy. Will monitor more closely henceforth.’

He signs off with: ‘Welcome home. Don’t look under the back deck (noises should subside with time).’

The note was originally  posted online by Reddit user sosomething who wrote: ‘I’m sure he was trolling us. He’s the kind of person I trust to watch over my house and my dogs while we’re out of town.’

See the freaky note in its entirety over the page.

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