There is a lot of pressure on a proposal. It has to be memorable, romantic, and if it’s not greeted with a yes then it goes down as a heart-breaking disaster moment. A young Scot took a unique approach to popping the question and has divided opinion because of it.

Donnie McGilvray‎ asked his girlfriend to marry him via the labels on Coke bottles in his fridge, and now the post  has had over a million “likes” from round the world on Facebook .

Dannie commented under the picture:: “I asked my girlfriend, Eloise to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw.

The bottle labels read; “Beautiful Eloise Will You Marry Me” “


There were also more than 15,000 comments : the vast majority (although not all)  flattering . 

A day after the proposal, Coca-Cola responded to the photo with an image congratulating the newly engaged couple. Many commenters suggested that Coke should pay for their wedding, what with all the free advertising it had given them.


What do you think? Is this a lovely romantic proposal? Or something quite the opposite. 

Oh – She said “YES” by the way

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