It’s amazing how much mobilephones have evolved over the past decade or so.

Back in the day, you were considered cool if your phone included “the ability to flip” as a feature. Now we have tiny handheld computers that allow us to access world’s knowledge in a matter of seconds.

However, while there’s no debating that we’ve come a long way, it’s also hard to deny we haven’t taken a step back in a few areas.

This graphic from Truth Facts highlights the areas where old phones have an advantage over the new, but you’d still be hard-pressed to find someone ready and willing to switch back to an old Nokia (with “Snake” included) after knowing the power of a smartphone.

The only “fact” I take issue with is that someone could possibly type nine words per second without a full keyboard. I have a full keyboard and I’m pretty sure I can’t type that quickly.

Maybe I’m just inept.


Source: EliteDaily.com

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