Getting tired of the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder? McDonalds caters its menu to the taste of each country, and here are 20 weird and wonderful meals that we’re missing out on.

1) Japan – This burger is packed with the sea, containing a battered prawn patty topped with thousand island dressing and garnished with the usual lettuce.


2) Germany: This is the Das Nürnburger. It comes with triple Bratwurst sausages, mustard, and an alluring soft white bun.


3) Japan: This is the Carbonara burger (below right), with bacon slice and cheese finds itself in Asia yet not Italy. The Cheese Fondue Chicken Burger (below left), also only available in Japan.


4) Australia: On the other side of the world you can get a deluxe breakfast roll crammed with hash brown, an egg, bacon and spicy tomato.


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