The 60’s are famous for the weird and wonderful, and this story fits the boot perfectly.

For 10 weeks in 1965, on a villa overlooking the Caribbean, Dr John C. Lilly, a neurologist, tried to teach a dolphin to speak English. 

His 23-year-old-assistant, Margaret Howe, would live, day and night, with Peter, a bottle-nose dolphin. They would eat, bathe, sleep and play together in complete isolation.

What nobody was expecting was for Peter to fall in love – sexual and romantic love – with his teacher.

For preparations on the experiment they flooded the villa, and the only desk space Margaret was able to use had to be suspended from a ceiling.  Margaret completely submerged herself into Peter the dolphins conditions. She lived with him for 6 days a week, eating only tinned food and wearing extra thick leotards for cold evenings.


Margaret and Peter play in the flooded villa

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