Bet you were holding your breath for April’s Blogspurt, anticipating the excitement of flicking through the news and videos, but as there wasn’t one and you’ve been holding your breath for an entire month, means you’re probably dead… I was off gallivanting in waves instead of blogging, but I’m paying for it now with my ankle on ice after getting mashed by a wave earlier this week.

So you’re dead, I’m injured. Hairy ball sacks.

So whilst recovering, I came across this video of Anna O’Neill & Chiara Poscente Downhill Longboarding. It’s not the most beautifully shot video but it’s oddly compelling. Before you hit play though, I suggest you whack up some some of your own tunes and turn the video’s audio off. It’s all wind.

Check out this demo footage from the Florida portion of the World Industries Spring Break 88 tour featuring Anthony Shetler, Matt Mendenhall, Timmy Knuth, and Derek Fukuhara.

A smile with the ability to disarm the untamed shock of his appearance: that rough, scraggly ginger beard and slowly thinning locks; the skin turned to leather through decades of wear; those long, sinewy limbs; the torn shorts and vest; the monk-like eyes of a man who has seen a lot go down.

That’s right. Lee Ralph: the caveman-poet of skateboarding, a guy who went to California in the mid-80s as a wide-eyed Auckland teenager and outshone the world’s best during the sport’s glory years.

THINK OF how the Sex Pistols, with all their shooting-star rawness and passion, changed modern music, and you get an idea about the impact Ralph has had on skateboarding, a 20 million-strong nation these days.

Read the full article written by Ben Stanley for Auckland Now.

Lee Ralph

Stacy Peralta, director/producer of Dogtown and Z-Boys has a new project; “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” A film about the birth of modern skateboarding and the personalities that shaped it as members of the Bones Brigade team.

Walk down any street in any town, and you are destined to see someone riding a skateboard. Well, it wasn’t always like that. In the early ’80s, skateboarding was fading away until Stacy Peralta brought a profoundly talented group of outsiders together and dubbed them the Bones Brigade. This documentary chronicles their epic rise, using awesome archival footage and moving first-person accounts from Brigade members Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Rodney Mullen, among others. Through passion, drive, creativity, and a surprising sense of teamwork, they revitalized the sport and influenced generations. The film is due out ‘at the end of the Summer’. For now, check out the trailer…

Skateistan Book. The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan features new interviews with founder Oliver Percovich, essays, photographs and personal stories from those who have benefited from Skateistan’s many milestones, such as opening the war-torn country’s first ever skatepark. Find out more on the Skateistan website.


Here’s a skateboarding video by Joe Pease that shows a creative point of view, riding along with the shadow rather than the skateboarder. A Skateboarding Shadow.

This is what happens when Skating-Pros Justin Brock, Youness Amrani, Marek Zaprazny, Daniel Lebronund and Wieger Van Wageningen are sent to Taiwan by Nike.

One of the best video’s to come out in May was Kilian Martin’s ‘Altered Route’ film, Directed by Brett Novak. Check out the full post about it here.

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