Yesterday Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. It’s been an emotional and passionate journey but ultimately the people have decided that we are better together. 

One man that kept us entertained throughout the evening was Twitter’s parody account Angry Salmond. His tweets were hilarious.

He’s been preaching his policies from day one…




IS4 IS3 IS2 IS1 


The big night came and he did some patiently waiting



Some last minute reminders of life in an Independent Scotland




By the sound of it he was having a great time…














Towards the end realisation set in…







Although this account is a parody, it does seem as though the individual behind it was a very passionate yes voter. He, like many others, may be disappointed today, but if the talk from Westminster is to be believed then there will be change in the near future and hopefully this will go some of the way to satisfying those that felt leaving the union would mean a better future for Scotland.


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