Heading to university and nervous about who you’re going to meet? Here’s the definitive guide to the 10 types of student in existence and whether or not you should be friends with them.

N.B. You’re one of them too.

#1. The gap year jerk.



The gap year tragedy: the bracelets tell you all you need to know (Picture: Getty)

How to spot: Travel pants from Cambodia, bracelets from Belize and dreads from every hairdresser’s worst nightmare.

Background: Spent the last 12 months (at least) travelling the world and only got back the day before freshers’ week started. Wants to hit the road again as soon as the Christmas holidays roll around.

Most likely to say: ‘Can’t make drinks tonight, I’m flying to Namibia straight after my seminar to see my girlfriend.’

Make friends? Yes. Will be useful for travel tips, although may give you yellow fever by accident.

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