Steak and blowjob day. It can’t be accused of ambiguity, that’s for sure. It’s a real thing, it has a website goddamn it, an official one at that. 

This Saturday, March 14th, is the big day.

According to the website

“Men work hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine’s Day, and, given their ebullient dedication, Steak & BJ Day is an opportunity to repay the favour. Plus, February 14th has become so capitalist – March 14th is good ol’ fashioned TLC.”

The Rules…

Cards, flowers and other gifts are forbidden. But, you have to serve your boyfriend, husband or lover a steak and before or after this there has to be a blowjob.

The guys that choose to celebrate the 14th of March with a partner are advised to think of what they eat before, makes it taste better for the other half.


There are those other than the steak and BJ recipient that can benefit from the day. The official website offers you the chance to send an official invitation to your partner, and make a donation to a breast cancer charity in the process. 

Here’s a tip, don’t send the invite to your partners work email. 

One Final Tip

With all the excitement of steak and blowjob day probably bubbling you into a frenzy, don’t get too carried away and forget that it’s Mothers Day on Sunday, that would be proper selfish.

We’ll finish with a sleazy video

It’s a shame the award season has just passed, we can’t believe this got overlooked for best documentary. 


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