Earlier this week Instagram deleted millions of spam accounts in what was possibly social media’s biggest ever culling, much to the displeasure of egos around the globe.  

The move has been dubbed the Instaspurge and hit hard those people who had paid for followers to enhance their image and credibility. One example is rapper Ma$e, whose follower count crashed from 1.6 million to 272,000 before he deleted it completely.

Website 64px put together a list of the 100 biggest accounts on Instagram at the time of the deletions to see which major players were punching way above their weight.

Celebrities such as Justin Bieber took a little bit of a knock, but their losses were just a scratch compared to the brutal casualty list suffered by a (now-deleted) account with the name “chiragchirag78.”

Before The Purge, the account had a follower count of 3,660,468. After the storm was over, its number of followers was hacked down to a slightly smaller number: eight.


That amounts to 99.9998 percent of its total followers and a difference of 3,660,460 people, or to look at it another way, more than the total number of people in Greater Manchester and Liverpool combined.

What does baby say?




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