I dreamed of snowboarding the other night and then couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, my bud and I talked about it constantly for 3 hours too before we realised we were probably really pissing everyone off. But hey, what can you do when it’s all you’ve got on the brain. It’s dark outside, getting cold and the mind naturally turns towards thoughts of snow and hurling yourself down a mountain. If these experiences sound familiar then it’s probably a good idea to take a look at these video’s, if you weren’t salivating at the thought of boarding before, you will be after this.

Head Snowboard Team ride massive hip in Flaine

This is the kind of blatant excuse for an advert we like. No messing about, no pretentious theme on which to hang the product placement. Just: “Right then boys, how’s about we go and build a f**k off hip somewhere and ride it?” I can see the reply now: “Yeah! We could call up the guys at Flaine. It’s the ugliest resort in the world, they’ll be well up for some free marketing.”

Which, presumably, is how Head snowboards’ Shayne Pospisil, Fredrik Evensen and Christophe Schmidt came to be hurling themselves off this beast, created by the H05 park crew. Good hips offer serious airtime but are rarer than you’d think, so don’t be surprised to see this little video appear on every snowboarding website under the sun. The moral of the story? Keep it simple. Keep it BIG.

Roxy Snowboards at Mervin MFG

The Roxy ladies took a trip to Mervin MFG to find out exactly what it takes to make some of the best women’s boards on the planet.

Nike Girls Revelstoke Trip

Team Manager and legendary shredder Barrett Christy took the girls snowboard team to Revelstoke resort last season for a week of interior BC pow. The area, previously only accessed by sleds, now has several lifts that offer access to peaks and bowls that provided endless entertainment to a crew with some pent-up freeriding energy.

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