We were recently telling you about how Scroobius Pip had promised to buy all of his Twitter followers a drink should he reach the sacred mark of 100,000 followers. Well, that happened, and last night he followed through with his promise. 


As you’d  imagine, if you offer people a free pint in one of London’s trendiest areas, a lot of people will show up. 

 SP3 SP4

We don’t know the size of the bill he had to foot at the end of the night, but we’d imagine it was a pretty hefty sum. 


Just to add to the occasion – it seems as though he decided to pull exactly the same face for each photo that he was in.  That’s great self control considering the beers were flowing.




Oh wait – he slipped up once. Look at the bottom right photo of this collection. 


Well Played Scroobious. It’s good to see somebody making a promise to their fans and keeping it.  

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