A schoolgirl who sent a topless picture of herself to her boyfriend has received a police caution for sexting – which effectively leaves her with a criminal record.

Her boyfriend also received the same penalty after he showed the image to his friends following an argument, it has emerged.

The pair committed the offence of ‘distributing an indecent image of a child’ because both were under 18.

It means that underage boys and girls might themselves end up on the sex offenders’ register.

In a separate case, a boy who took a nude picture and sent it to friends as a joke also received a caution.

A caution is not a conviction but does mean the person will have a criminal record.

Does this seem a little harsh? Or is it a deterrent that looks at the bigger picture of preventing traumatic experiences for youths on the wrong end of a sexting embarrassment?

Whilst we are on the subject, sexting hasn’t always been so serious…..

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