The pop brat that everybody loves to hate has finally turned a good deed, albeit inadvertently.  A Russian fisherman had his life saved by a Justin Bieber ringtone. That’s right, we finally have proof that the poster boy is utterly intolerable. 

Justin Bieber may have millions of fans worldwide, but Russia’s bears don’t appear to admire the his music – which proved fortunate for one lucky fisherman.

Igor Vorozhbitsyn had his life saved by a Justin Bieber ringtone, when his mobile phone went off during a potentially fatal attack by a brown bear.

The 42-year-old was walking to a favourite fishing spot in northern Russia’s Yakutia Republic when he was pounced upon by the bear,  and he was certain that he was going to be killed.

But as the bear began to claw at him, Igor’s mobile went off. The singer’s hit Baby rang out and the bear turned tail and fled back into the forest.

Now, we’re not ones to judge based on music taste, but we are a little surprised that this burly fisherman is a Belieber with Baby set as his ringtone – we can only speculate that he may recently have fallen in love. Either way, we’re pleased for him and his lucky escape.

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