A waiter has been sacked after texting a woman that never left a tip. 

The customer, Olivia Cook, opted out of leaving a 12.5 per cent service charge that would have amounted  to £12.00 at Big Easy in Covent Garden, London, after dining a couple of weeks ago.

20 minutes after leaving she received the message below.


In an official complaint she wrote. ‘My first reaction was panic – I had left the restaurant alone, and now a stranger was texting me on my phone, angry I had not left a tip. As a woman alone in London late at night, it was unsettling.

‘Then I wondered how he had got my number. Slowly I realised he must have gone onto your online booking system to retrieve my name and number, so he could send me this message. He would also have seen my email address and postcode – something I was quite upset about.’


The Big Easy has since apologised to Olivia and confirmed that the waiter has been sacked. 


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