This is probably the ultimate case of taking a public display of affection to far. Passengers were left stunned, outraged and probably feeling a little bit sick after seeing a couple bumping uglies on a subway escalator. To make it worse, she had a baby strapped to her chest!

One passer by filmed the x-rated scene, which shows a woman bent over the side of a subway escalator completely oblivious or just plain apathetic to the people coming and going.

The two continue romping until a member of the public does everyone a favour and intervenes by giving the man a kick. It’s at this moment in the footage that the women turns around and reveals a child strapped to her front.

The footage has inevitably gone viral. It’s the baby we feel sorry for, if it is exposed to that when on the subway we dread to think what the poor thing has to put up with at home.

This is the video published by The Mirror earlier today.

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