Reports are beginning to surface of the possible ‘hooking up’ of two of Britain’s biggest icons. Though, this isn’t the first time she’s been matched with a ginger. (You’re a prince, Harry)

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It’s very difficult to care about celebrity couples these days, but the thought of feminist wonder woman Emma uniting with philanthropist and cutie pie Harry  is a little too much to handle.

Woman’s Day Australia are claiming that as the two have several mutual friends and Emma has become newly single, Harry has now asked her closest mates to ‘hook him up’ with her.

Apparently he’s been trying to arrange a group date for them, as them being spotted alone together would be too obvious. No more obvious than what your mates have accidentally let slip to the media, mate! He is supposedly organizing a party with around 12 other friends, as means to prove he is ‘fun’. You go, Harry. Totally down with the kids.

Sources claim he is completely ‘smitten’ with her – we’re rooting for you, Harry.

What do you think? Would they be a cute couple?



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