Bonita Vela has just walked free from court, after slicing her teenage daughter’s boyfriend’s penis with a box cutter after she became convinced he was molesting her toddler.

She carried out the gruesome assault as she and two other men held the teenager hostage in a mobile home in Indiana, repeatedly accusing him over the course of three hours of having molested the toddler.


Bonita finally ended by moving to cut the boy’s penis saying that if he had nothing to hide”then he should let her cut him and that regardless of what happened he was to leave and never come back.”

She then cut his penis with the box cutter. The boy said that he had not touched the child, and nothing to suggest that he had has been proven. 

Bonita admitted her suspicious intensified ‘while she was smoking marijuana’. She was sentenced to 10 months home detention with an ankle bracelet, and six months probation and anger management counselling

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