The boss of an award-winning model agency has been publicly shamed after it has emerged that he offered to make a teenager famous if she had sex with him.

Nicholas Kisirinya, pictured below, told an appalled 19-year-old hopeful Lauren James that his lecherous request would propel her “up the ladder.”


This man’s online agency attracts thousands of wannabe teen models a week. He told her: “The first thing I will do after we sleep with each other is set up a shoot and get some nice photos of you.

“Then I’ll make you priority for few castings this year. In this industry those who take that extra step get further.”

Lauren, however, had other ideas. She contacted The Mirror who conducted their onw investigation and then publicly shamed the man and agency.

The agency won the 2012 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts award for best talent spotting and model booking agency. It also boasts 25,500 followers on Twitter, and 6,498 on Instagram.


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