The man you see in the picture is a millionaire banker, Conservative party advisor, and member and supporter of Countryside Alliance Sir David Scholey.

Sir David is one of many wealthy who choose to spend in excess of £60,000 for the opportunity to shoot a lion in South Africa. These lions are bred to be shot in so called hunting operations, the likes of which have grown significantly in South Africa over the last decade.

They breed the lions from cubs, often bringing in tourist to play and walk with them while they are boasting on their conservation work. The young animals are then prepared to be released into shooting areas where they will be brought out via meat baits in front of the guns of so called trophy hunters. For many of them it’s like a stag do, with shooters drinking beforehand, and the animal needing to be shot many times before it’s killed.

Some of the set ups are rumoured to allow the use of high powered bow and arrows to kill lions. The paying customers are rewarded with the head and skin of the lion, which  if we were stuck in the 1800’s would presumably go on to be used as a rug and a wall trophy. The hosts keep the bones which they then sell into the Asian medicine trade at a great profit.

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