That was a session that was!  

When a group of lads traveled up to Newcastle for Mason's stag-do I can assure you they went home with a few stories to tell.  Mason an avid Gooner was forcibly made to wear a Tottenham Hotspur shirt for the bubble football session and that signalled the beginning of the carnage - beware of Gooners wearing Spurs shirts, that's all I can really say on that one.  

Every party has a "Trigger" and this was no different but not many parties have a "Captain Cook" and we suspect he was the culprit behind the Spurs shirt.  Cruelty!

To the Men of Kent - we really enjoyed your company and if you are reading this we sincerely hope you all got home safely, although we had our doubts that you would manage it :-)

Bubble Football in Newcastle for a stag do