Nobody tells baby Silas Philips when he is ready to see the world, he does what he wants. He was born while still inside the amniotic sac and has since been hailed as a ‘medical miracle’ by doctors.

Silas was born three months prematurely at a hospital in California. Doctors carrying out the Caesarean section on his mother, Chelsea, couldn’t believe it when they saw that his amniotic sac was still intact. To be honest, nor can we, a quick glance at Silas in his sac doesn’t scream newborn baby.

The amniotic sac is a bagĀ of clear, pale fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows. The fluid helps to cushion the baby from bumps and injury, as well as providing it with fluids it can breathe and swallow. If you look closely enough you can see his tiny hands and feet. Until the bag was broken he was still receiving oxygen through the placenta.

The great news is that Silas is fine and all set for his life of super-stardom after becoming a bit of a legend from the moment he was born. Despite being born at 26 weeks they hope to have him home within the month.



The amniotic sac normally breaks on its own during birth, traditionally referred to as a mother’s ‘water breaking’.


Watch this video to hear Dr Willia, Blinder describe how it felt when he saw Silas for the first time.

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