You know what you’re getting with McDonald’s. Well, you used to. The fast-food mammoth appear to be trying to up their game as two potential permanent changes have been announced in quick succession. 

Table service and all day breakfast. 

The table service is being tested out at Frankfurt in Germany. Diners will now be able to be served at their table after placing an order either at the front counter, a digital kiosk or with waiter carrying a tablet PC. That means no more standing around trying to figure out which line is moving quickest. 

When it comes to food you should always save the best until last, and that’s the news that McDonalds will be testing out serving the breakfast menu all day. 


This one is being tested out in San Diego. What did San Diego do that’s so special? Come and test it out in the UK. That’s one trial we’re happy to be guinea pigs for. 

If the tests go well then we can expect changes to be seen on a wider scale. Which means that the residents of San Diego sure better make sure they are eating breakfast at all hours, don’t be ruining this for the rest of us. 

In the meantime, we mere minions in the UK will have to make sure we get there before 10:30 and stand in line. 

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