This is Stan Beaton, Widower, OAP and general all-around cutie. He lost his beloved wife in 20o3, and treasured the voicemail message that she had recorded during their time together. Mr. beaton stayed with Virgin Media because no other companies could assure him that the message would be saved. And then in December 2014 he found out the message had been deleted, and he was quoted saying he was “absolutely devastated”.

“In the early days I listened to it quite often. Basically, it came to the point when if I felt low then I would listen to it” he continued, “I just could not tell people how it affected me at that time. It really did devastate me.”

Heart breaking, right? Until the good guys and BBC Radio Leeds stepped up to the mark and got in touch with Virgin Media over the issue. Virgin Media then reportedly had ten member of staff working around the clock to resolve the issue and re-unite Stan with the treasure message from his wife.

And re-united he was, check out his reaction below. Hankies at the ready!

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