Cheesecake is absolutely delicious, and we can all vouch for that. Making it, however, can often tend to be a bit of a kerfuffle. What with all the mixing, measuring, water baths (What are those even about, anyway?) and just general hassle, it can often put homemade cheesecake off of the menu. Fear no longer, people of the world, for the One Pot Chef has provided us all with a minimal-effort, no bake, Nutella cheesecake recipe. Yes, Nutella.

To add to your weekly shopping list this week:

100g /3.5 Ounces – Butter
250g/9 Ounces (well a fraction under really) – Biscuits
500g/17.5 Ounces – Cream Cheese
70g /2.5 Ounces – Icing sugar
400g /14 Ounces – Nutella

Here’s how the magic happens:

Source: OnePotChef


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