Zorb Football London: 5 Tips to ensure victory at Bubble Football!!


Bubble Football has got to be one of the craziest and most adventurous sports around. Filled with fun and high octane hits, beats, throw-downs and smiles. It’s not always the prettiest of activities but it sure is fun! From our adventures from London, we thought it best to throw in some tips of what we learnt from our London Bubble Football events to help you weather the oncoming storm – you’re going to need some tips to survive the hits.

Zorb football… what to expect…

Zorb Football is as aggressive as its players. If you have a huge team, say for instance – 10 of South London’s finest and strongest football players then you can expect collisions a plenty. Having said that, if you’re team consists of more agile team members then… expect more acrobatics than what you can envisage!

With all this in mind, we thought it best to put down some of our thoughts from some of our more southern based events after taking part in our London Zorb Football games.

1) Want to survive bubble football - Know your competition!

Be wise, if you’re the smallest of people then going up against goliath probably isn’t your best bet. No matter how brave you are, running up against an immovable object is never going to be the best option – however, a tactical “side-knock” at the right time could make all the difference!

2) Don’t aim Low!

One thing we did learn from the onslaught during our London Bubble Football events, don’t go low. Take your impacts chest on! At speed, you may think taking the low approach to be the best option. It really isn’t. The only place you can go from a low blow is down… at Speed!

3) Straps, Straps, Straps!

They’re there for a reason – don’t brave it! London had its fair share of hits when Zorb football was concerned. One thing we would say with certainty, strap up, hold tight. The aim of bubble football is to fall around hilariously. You will at some point receive that unexpected knock, whether it be from a colleague, peer or huge impact from the kid you’ve never liked, you’d be thankful that you did wear the straps!

4) Rest is the key to Zorb Football

Get your rest in while you can – it’s an exhausting activity. Lay down, sit down, hover over a water fountain. Grab some respite prior to bringing your game face back into the mix.

5) 2nd to the Ball is bubble football king!

Donning the Bubble Football is a hefty mantle…. Plus it feels pretty damn good! You’re going to need a few streets smarts as well! It’s not the first person to the collision that wins, it’s the 2nd. That slight delay is enough to catch someone off guard and “Hey-presto” – BOOM! This was evident so many times in our London Zorb football matches. The second guy in amongst the bubble footballs was left standing! Become the bubble!

For More info regarding Bubble Football in locations such as London, Newcastle and more – head here for a little more insight, alternatively – a wide selection of videos can be seen here to get a broader idea on tactics.

Bubble Football London as with anywhere else is held at the very best of venues – make sure to keep a loot out or book your Zorb football event today

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