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No Beliebers Anywhere?

Is there anybody who is a fan of Justin Bieber? We’re starting to think not. Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest A lister to show his non-belieber colours.

It has emerged that Leo was sat with Orlando at the table in Ibiza restaurant Cipriani when  Bieber walked in on Tuesday night.

But when pop brat walked towards them, Leo actually “flicked him away”.

Spanish model Anastasia Skolkova, 20, who was sat at a nearby table said,“Bieber said something to DiCaprio – I don’t know exactly what, because it was seven or eight metres away. Leo brushed his hands at him, like, I don’t care what you say. Yeah, he flicked him away.”

Bieber stirred the pot even more yesterday when he posted this to Instagram, seemingly calling Orlando a cry baby. C’mon boy, settle down.


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