Spencer Matthews must have categorized himself as a celebrity by now. He is one the stars of TV show Made In Chelsea and will be helping with this year’s Comic Relief effort. 

Imagine how he felt when he bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio at a hotel party and had the chance to indulge him in some chit-chat. Finding himself speaking with one of the most famous men in the world, he must have thought that this is what celebrity life is all about. That is until he realised that Leo had mistaken him for a hotel worker. 

“We had a chit-chat about whether he was having a lovely time, liked the hotel, whether we’d be seeing him back – I sounded like I worked at the hotel.” Spencer told The Sun.

Spencer, who is heir to a series of hotels in St.Barts and Dubai, didn’t correct the actor. In fairness, it was probably one of those moments where you might compare yourself against the person standing right in front of you…

Bell boy making face and holding change

On the brightside, at least he got to meet Leonard DiCaprio. How many of us can say that? 

Spencer is part of this year’s Comic Relief effort. Check out the video here.

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