There’s a disused water park sitting in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It’s called Rock-a-Hoola, closed down in 2004 and it’s shitting eerie.. like something happened and everyone just dropped what they were doing and fled with only their lives. That may be a bit melodramatic but seriously it’s creepy. Innovative skateboarder Kilian Martin and his first class film-maker pal Brett Novak braved the atmosphere and drove up there in his vintage Mercedes, schwing.

The result of their day spent skating and filming in the desert is really creative and inspiring. Kilian often raises eyebrows with his own almost freerunning style of skating but I’m not sure he’s really that bothered. “When I skate, there is just me and my board. I couldn’t care less about pre-defined categories and styles. It’s only skateboarding – and I do what I enjoy.”

Here’s what went down when interviewer Hadassa Haack caught up with Kilian after his day in the desert..

You design a lot of your moves on paper. How was preparing for this shoot different to other occasions?
I always have a picture in my mind – just like a painter has a motif in his mind – and then it is just a matter of finding the spot to realise the picture. Here, we didn’t quite know what we would find and I had to be a lot more flexible – it was an exciting task!

Where do your ideas and inspiration come from?
They come from something I have seen before that I then connect to something new. I might see a trick on flat ground, so I try it on an obstacle, which in turn gives me more time in the air to flip the board once more when I drop off somewhere.

Is it thinking outside the box?
No, it is more about taking something that exists and developing it further. Take, for example, the cartwheel on the skateboard. Once I was able to stop for a second on my tail to stop for a cartwheel…now there is way to flip the board with my hands.

You went to college for a while right? What did you study?
I studied Marketing and some Graphic Design, which eventually got too much between skating and working to support my Mum.

You can read the full interview here:

Watch the finished article of their time spent sucking up desert dust:

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