Katie Hopkins is at the center of more controversy after a number of anti-Muslim rants were sent from her Twitter account last night.

The insults included labeling Palestinian’s as ‘filthy rodents’, and demands for Israel to restart their bombing campaign on Gaza. Although Katie is often outspoken, this seems extreme to the point of unbelievable. At the time of writing it has not been made clear whether or not her account had been hacked.

Here are the tweets:





She even retweeted this from one of her critics


Naturally, these tweets were greeted with a negative response.



We are sure Katie’s representative’s will be shedding light on what happened at some point today. When we last checked at midday, the tweets were still showing on her account.

For those that missed it the first time around. This is a viral video of Katie being left somewhat red-faced on This Morning a little while back. She claimed not to like babies named on Geographical location, and then Philip Schofield ironic something rather important out to her.

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