A lost ‘Gospel’ caused quite the stir over the weekend after it revealed that Jesus did not die on the cross a single man. The manuscript suggests that he had married a prostitute, Mary Magdalene, and the happy couple had two young children by the time Christ was crucified.

The revelation comes from an ancient manuscript which dates back 1,450 years, and has been translated from Syriac, a Middle Eastern literary language used between the 4th and 8th centuries and related to Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus. 

Two men, Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, have been studying the text for six years and are now convinced that they have uncovered a missing fifth Gospel. They claim that the manuscript, which is 29 chapters long, is a 6th century copy of another 1st-century Gospel.

The claims have been dismissed by the Church of England, who have compared it to the work of fictional writer Dan Brown. 

Rumours that Jesus had a hush-hush relationship with a lady of the night have been ongoing for centuries – after theologians noticed that Mary Magdalene features rather a lot in the existing Gospels.

Mary Magdalene is mentioned in all the existing Gospels as having been present at important moments in Jesus’s life, such as his resurrection – and is described as a ‘sinful woman’ by Luke.

Full details of the manuscript will be revealed at a press conference on Wednesday, with a Science Channel documentary due in December.

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